Whats Brewfish About

You're in for a ride on a wave of Reggae, Dub, Rock, Dancehall beats, and a touch of Rap and Rhythm for your ears. Established in early 2011 and based in beautiful Long Beach, California, BREWFISH consists of three amazing musicians. On rhythm/lead guitar and vocals you've got Al Kay wailing on the microphone and shredding on his Fender. For some deep bass (and we mean deep) Andrew is bound to break down walls with his expertise. And if you're wondering where the beats are coming from... look to the back and find Zac hammering down on his skins and cymbals. BREWFISH is shining a contemporary light on reggae music. BREWFISH is trashing the conventional.

BREWFISH is a band located in Long Beach, California. The band is known for their use of reggae as a foundation for creating contemporary and innovative rock music.

,Andrew Valero, the bassist of BREWFISH was born and raised in Long Beach. Since meeting Alex Kay in late 2009, Andrew has been playing his instrument for a few short years. Prior to bass playing, his expertise was centered around playing lead guitar for many different bands since childhood. Due to his skill and knowledge of guitar and his love for powerful bass, his talent easily translated to his current instrument, turning from complicated riffs and licks into catchy and melodic bass lines.

Zac Martins grew up in the city of Artesia in the 562, drumming since the age of 5. Having been high school friends with Andrew Valero, Zac joined the group in early 2011 to create the band BREWFISH. Zac's talent and determination led him to attend and graduate from the Musician's Institute of Los Angeles, where he honed his skills and acquired knowledge of a broad spectrum of different musical genres.

Alex Kay has lived in the South Bay, until his move to Long Beach in 2009. His musical experience goes back to as far as he could remember, his father being a musician and singer himself. As a child, his quick trials of various instruments from piano to violin has led him to pick up the guitar and sing at an early age.



Al Kay

Andrew Valero

Zac Martins